img_0219-1Three years after being fired from Precinct 7 for insubordination — and two years after her husband, former Precinct 6 constable Victor Trevino, was convicted of a felony related to using charity money for gambling — Silvia Trevino is apparently asking Harris County voters to forget all that and vote for her to become the next Precinct 6 constable.

Trevino defeated Democratic incumbent Constable Heliodoro Martinez in the primaries to become the Democratic candidate, running against Republican Richard “Rick” Gonzales, a 30-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. Martinez had replaced Trevino’s husband, Victor, after Victor was convicted of felony misapplication of fiduciary duty in November 2014. After a lengthy Harris County District Attorney’s Office investigation, prosecutors and fraud investigators accused Victor of siphoning money he had raised for his own charity — Constable’s Athletic Recreational and Education Events Inc. (CARE), which helped kids and elderly people in the East End — to go gambling at Louisiana casinos. Though he never admitted to any wrongdoing, Victor pleaded guilty, escaped jail time and was placed on probation for ten years.

So here’s where Silvia Trevino comes in.

3355_w_alabamaScreenshot/Google Maps

Houston police say they are continuing to investigate an assault that occurred at a high-profile River Oaks attorney’s office building Saturday night, sending a woman to the hospital with lacerations and possible broken ribs.

Although the security guard at the offices says the victim told him her attacker was the wife of prominent divorce attorney Bobby Newman, police have yet to make any arrests and Newman himself declined to comment on the altercation. Police say the victim hasn’t identified her attacker to them.

berthalazcanoCourtesy of the family of Bertha Lazcano

It wasn’t until the next morning, well after the crash, that Bertha Lazcano’s family found out what happened to their mother and wife.

The 58-year-old mother of four and grandmother of two was driving home on U.S. 290 the evening of September 11 when the truck in the lane next to her hit a construction barrier. The pickup went airborne and landed on top of Lazcano’s Toyota RAV4, killing her instantly.

screen_shot_2016-10-17_at_5-16-24_pmFrom the grand jury packet

The off-duty Navasota police officer working security at a northwest Harris County apartment complex thought he saw a teenager with marijuana. The teenager and his friend, sitting in a Chevy Malibu, thought they saw a robber approaching them with a gun.

What began with officer Rey Garza’s mere suspicion, however, ended with Garza’s fatal shooting of one of the unarmed teens, 17-year-old Jonathen Santellana. As the armed Garza, who was wearing not a security uniform but a T-shirt, workout shorts and sandals, approached Santellana and his friend to confront them, the teens quickly put the car in reverse as he got up to the window. Garza went as far as trying to open Santellana’s driver-side door to snatch the keys out of the ignition, Garza has testified. But Santellana sped away. And then Garza shot him in the back of the head.

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