Back in 2014, Caplan was off duty and driving with his wife when a 24-year-old woman named Lori Annab cut him off, as he claims. So, in response, Caplan pulled up next to her, asked his wife to lean back in her seat, then pointed his gun at Annab and shot her. Though struck in the head, Annab managed to pull over and call 911, and ultimately survived the near-fatal injury.


Former border vigilante Chris Simcox probably won’t be getting any Father’s Day cards in jail, judging from the testimony of three of his daughters on Monday, during the Minuteman Project co-founder’s ongoing trial on six counts of child molestation and furnishing pornography to minors.

Two of the daughters who took the stand are under the age of 10. Both are his children with ex-wife Alena Simcox; one of them alleges sexual abuse. The third daughter is an adult, his child from a previous marriage, who alleges that Simcox molested her on three different occasions when she was young.

In addition, the jury heard from another girl under 10: a playmate of Simcox’s younger daughters, who alleges that Simcox bribed her with candy to show him her privates.

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