Edwin Hall Pleads Guilty to Murder


edhall2.JPGOver a year ago a pretty young thing named Kelsey Smith vanished from a department store in Overland Park, KS. She’d only just graduated from high school. She was just running into the store on an errand, on her way somewhere else.
She ran into a creep named Edwin Hall. He was arrested on June 6, 2007, 4 days after Kelsey vanished. Investigators found Kelsey’s body that day by Longview Lake in Jackson County, MO.
Today, in a Johnson County, KS courtroom, Edwin Hall unexpectedly pleaded guilty to all the charges against him: murder, rape, aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated criminal sodomy.

Hall will face life without parole for the murder charge alone.
It may have been that Hall’s attorneys or the killer himself saw no reason to fight the DNA evidence. This is from the KC Star:

Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline told the court about DNA gathered in the case. The best match was found inside the zipper flap of the shorts that Hall wore the night that Kelsey disappared. There’s less than one chance in 280 billion that the material came from anyone other than Kelsey, Kline said.
Investigators also found Hall’s DNA on the steering wheel of Kelsey’s car. Kline said there was only a chance of 1 in 5.3 million that the DNA was from someone other than Hall…

Hall had his defenders. The profile is locked, but as Kansas City’s The Pitch noted on June 20, 2007, Hall even had what amounted to a superfan at myspace.com/mylostsoul1. Here is part of a comment that person left on the paper’s blog, the “Plog”:

No im not crazy, i believe in innocence until proven guilty and i will be the first to print a retraction and a letter of apology to The Smith Family if he is found guilty. This is America where everyone is supposed to be INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. I had the page on private for a few hours yesterday because a girl emailed me claiming to be part of Jack’s legal team and said the site was hurting his case, i later find out that this gal Christine is a nutjob AND the site is no way harming Jack’s defense. I have gotten to know the Hall family and they are decent people, please do not trash them or me for our beliefs. How would you feel if it was your husband or son being lynched without a trial. I am very very sorry for Kelsey’s family, however i dont want to see an innocent man put behind bars either. As for being his #1 fan, he is not a celebrity he is a human being like you and I and deserves some respect and privacy. Im glad the page is out there, Jack has so many supporters that believe in him and thats what he needs now not hatred and media nonsense…

Maybe her “Free Jack” MySpace is only private at the moment so she has time to prepare that “retraction” and “letter of apology.” Sure, that’s it.
As long as Edwin “Jack” Hall is going to rot in hell, it’s good to know he’s got a few deluded friends who might be dragged along in his train.
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