Oh, Drew Peterson, Don’t You Ever Shut Up?


That kooky ex-cop Drew Peterson, he of the missing and mysteriously dead wives, can’t seem to stop running his mouth. According to a report published today in the Chicago Sun-Times, a couple of Peterson’s friends wore wires over the course of the last 7 months, and they caught him talking out of school quite a bit.
Because you know, that’s what cocky, psychopathic sons-a-bitches do when they think they’ll never get caught. More after the jump.

The Sun-Times report references Peterson ‘pal’ Len Wawczak, who said that Drew made fun of cops dogging his trail, calling them “idiots.” According to Wawczak, Drew said his third wife Kathleen Savio was “a bitch.” Drew also said of Savio that he should have had her cremated.
Drew made a prediction, too — he told Wawczak that he would go to trial and end up acquitted before anyone ever found his missing wife Stacy.
Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark, have known Drew Peterson for around 16 years, and they apparently have heard a lot of spooky shit from the mustached ex-cop. After third wife Kathleen Savio was found dead in a dry bathtub in 2004, Drew allegedly said the following in reference to the original determination by authorities that Savio’s death was an accident (they’ve since reversed themselves and declared her death a homicide), “‘She was in a dry bathtub, what a bunch of fucking idiots.'”
The link to the full article is below, but the end-result of all of Drew’s happy talk to Len and Paula may just be his arrest. Len Wawczak thinks so. “He’s done,” says Drew’s no-doubt former friend, “He’s going away.”
It may come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Peterson case that Drew disagrees. His response to Wawczak’s assertion about him “going away” was succinct: “No […] they’re wrong.”
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