Horrific Satanic Crime Out of Yaroslavl, Russia


NOTE: More detailed post here: “A Little More About the Russian Cannibal Satanists.”
skitzcross.jpgYes, in this blog I tend to just cover crimes happening in the U.S.A., but some stories reach right the hell across the oceans and grab my attention and just demand I take note.
The case of the missing Russian goth kids is just such a story. It reads like a suspense novel plot that was rejected for being too gruesome and improbable. Sadly, way too many English media outlets are now reporting the story as fact, so let me tell you what I’ve learned so far.
In late June this year, four kids were lured to the edge of the forest surrounding Yaroslavl, an ancient city located about 155 miles to the northeast of Moscow. They were enticed with the usual coin of the teenage realm, socially-speaking, the promise of a party — in particular, partying with alcohol.
On June 28, several teens approached Olga Pukhova and Anna Gorokhova. The girls went for their night of partying and never returned home again.
Then the alleged killers invited Andrei Sorokin and his girlfriend Varya Kuzmina along for some fun.
According to Russian authorities, all the victims styled themselves as goth kids. Goth in Russia isn’t all that different from goth in the United States, save that the Russian public has responded differently to the subculture — with a great deal of judgment, even violence towards kids identified as goth or emo. The Russian State Duma — roughly analogous to the American House of Representatives — has even held hearings on possibly regulating websites that might be of interest to emo kids and legislating a goth kid’s ability to go to school.
The folks giving these parties seemed to be cut from the same cloth as their victims.
The four victims gave their families similar stories. They said they were headed to a music festival. But each pair actually got in touch with the alleged leader of the Satanic killers, Nikolai Ogolobyak.
At least one of the kids almost got the word out that something bad was afoot. Varya Kuzmina called a friend from Ogolobyak’s place and she said that she didn’t like it there. “Something’s not right,” said the teen, “I’ll tell you about it later.”
Later didn’t come, for Varya Kuzmina. Nikolai Ogolobyak’s followers were a dark and bloody universe away from your everyday goth kid or emo cutter.
Russian authorities say Olga Pukhova, Anna Gorokhova, Varya Kuzmina and Andrei Sorokin were stabbed 666 times. The teens — all of them 16 or 17 — were then dismembered.
Then the Satanists built a bonfire. They threw the body parts of the victims into the flames. Later they ate some of the roasted pieces.
Britain’s Sun, not necessarily the best news source for anyone (unrepentantly tabloid, sometimes in the same fashion as the old Weekly World News), reported that after police found the hideous crime scene, they were able to extract some of the victims’ hair from the ashes of the charnel fire.
The killers marked a place in the woods where some of the victims’ bones were discarded with an upside-down cross.
Eventually, Russian authorities arrested Ogolobyak and accomplices Ksenia Kuznetsova, Alexander Voronov and Anton Makovin.
Nikolai Ogolobyak wasn’t concerned about his arrest. He allegedly told police that Satan would help him “avoid responsibility” because Ogolobyak had “made lots of sacrifices to him.”
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