“I am the REAL CRAZY BITCH”: The Lovely Ms. Karrae Starr, Accused of Murder


karraestarr.jpgBianca Starr died last weekend. She was only 3 years old. Police were called to a Herrin, Illinois apartment complex on Saturday, where they found the little girl with her mother. Bianca was unresponsive.
Bianca’s mother, 18-year-old Karrae Starr, was taken to the Williamson County, IL County Jail, where she is currently being held without bail. Everyone close to Karrae has told local media that they just can’t believe this has happened. Karrae’s ex, not the child’s father, said he knew that Karrae spanked Bianca, but he didn’t see it as abusive.
Something must have happened to Karrae recently, though. Neighbors at the complex where she lived with her daughter spoke of her drinking.
They also said she had blood on her shirt.
Online Karrae presented herself as a tough chick, someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. Her full MySpace headline read, “If you really want to know I am the REAL CRAZY BITCH! and dont forget it.”
She did, however, want her softer side known. Her MySpace profile URL ended with “my_baby_bianca” and her “About me” on the profile page read as follows:

HEY!!! well my name is Karrae Nicole Starr. I just turned 18 on Febuary 1st. go me!! lol anyways I have a beautiful daughter named Bianca Nicole Starr. She is two and a half as of right now. I am single once again. But hey it isn’t so bad. Well I guess I love to sing. I hope one day I will make it. Take a look at the page and let me know what you think. peace love and hair grease!!!

Karrae’s profile indicated that she was in a relationship and that she was bisexual. In her MySpace blog, Karrae posted an entry in February this year titled “I need a hot lesbian.” In that post she wrote, in part:

if i can find a girl that is one hot and two nice and shit then i might just give that up.
I am really getting sick and tired of guys and their thinking that they are superior to women.
Just to let you know, just because you have two heads doesnt mean there are brains in any one of them.

Then again, she seemed to be more frustrated with a relationship she was having at the time than anything, writing earlier in the same post that she was engaged to a guy named Mike but that they were “always fighting” and she “was about ready to give up on it.”
biancastarr.jpgKarrae’s blog also indicated that she’d lost custody of little Bianca at some point. On April 27, 2007, she wrote that she was “getting married” and getting her child back. Karrae wrote that her daughter had been “taken becauese [sic]of finacial [sic]reasons.”
In April of this year Karrae posted a longer entry in her MySpace blog that seemed to reveal a confused, possibly disturbed personality. These were Karrae’s “ten odd facts” about herself:

1. I am very afraid of cotton balls. I hate the saound they make when they are rubbed together. It makes me feel like throwing up.
2. I am a nympho but I can not get off. ( weird I know)
3. I can not sleep naked with a person in the bed with me.
4. I randomly burst into song as though my life is a depressing musical.
5. I have OCD. Every thing has to be in place and in perfect alingment with each other.
6. I am gay ( well bi ) but I have never had sex with a girl. I want to but there aren’t that many girls out there that are actually like that and would be willing to.
7. I am a complete bitch and very angry at the world.
8. I hate the song Cheer up Charlie form the original Willy Wonka movie.
9. I never have to study for any test and or quiz. I pass them with either perfect or almost perfect grades.
10. I want to be back with two of my exes.

Karrae also had a personal profile on Bebo.com. Again, she highlighted how important her daughter truly was to her:

Well, I’m pretty much out going, untill you get me in a awkward positon then I’m not so out going. I love spending time with the peeps and just chillin. I also love my daughter Bianca Nicole Starr. I don’t really have much more to say, so if you want to know just ask.

Karrae wrote on the same profile that she was scared of “COTTONBALLS (I HATE THEM!!!!!).”
Karrae’s next statement about what she was scared of, in light of her current status as her daughter’s alleged killer, was terribly ironic: “Also my daughter being hurt in anyway. I will fuck some one up over her so dont even fuckin try the shit.”
Under the Bebo profile’s place for the owner’s number 1 love, Karrae Starr gave her daughter’s name: Bianca Nicole Starr.
An unstable sense of her own identity, a potentially volatile, sometimes aggressive personality — was the greatest danger in Bianca’s life her seemingly loving mother? At the moment, police seem to think so.
The only silver lining here is that at age 3, little Bianca was far too old for her mother to cry pregnancy-related depression.
This story is disturbing and there’s something about delving into Karrae’s online world that is unsettling, makes me feel as though I need a shower. It also makes me think of what it might have been like if we could have had a good look at the real online presence of someone like Casey Anthony before she had the presence of mind to start scrubbing what she could from the ‘Net. I have to wonder if she didn’t actually have a helluva lot in common with an alleged monster like Karrae Starr.
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