Mel Ignatow is Dead


From the “it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” department: Mel Ignatow is dead.
mignatow.jpgWho is Mel Ignatow? He’s a guy who got away with murder. Also known to many in Kentucky as a downright evil, psychopathic shitbag.
On Sept. 24, 1988, Brenda Sue Schaefer vanished. She had been planning on breaking up with her boyfriend, Mel Ignatow. Long story short (you can read the full CBS 48 Hours account of the Ignatow case by clicking a link at the bottom of this post), Schaefer’s body was found on Jan. 10, 1989, and 2 years later, Mel Ignatow went on trial for her murder.
He was acquitted.
Cut to some 6 months after Ignatow’s trial: a contractor was doing work in the home owned by Ignatow when Brenda Sue Schaefer disappeared. The contractor found a baggie filled with jewelry and photographs of Mel Ignatow raping and torturing Schaefer. The photos had been taken by the star witness for the State of Kentucky, the woman who basically helped ruin the State’s case and get Ignatow acquitted, Mary Ann Shore. The photos depicted the exact events Shore described during her testimony at Ignatow’s murder trial.
Mel Ignatow couldn’t be tried again. Double jeopardy was in effect. So the State got him on perjury charges. During his perjury trial, Ignatow confessed to killing Schaefer.
He went away for a 5 to 8 year sentence, and was released from prison in 2006.
There’s still no word from Louisville on how Ignatow died, but let’s hope it was a painful and lonely death. If there is a hell and people burn there, Mel Ignatow is crispier than the Colonel’s chicken right about now. [WAVE 3 TV Louisville, KY and CBS 48 Hours.]