The Deeply Ironic Death of Mel Ignatow


One of the most hated men in Kentucky, killer Mel Ignatow, suffered one of the more ironic deaths you’ll ever read about.
Ignatow killed Brenda Sue Schaefer in 1988. He was tried for her murder and acquitted. Evidence was found after the acquittal that made it clear that Ignatow raped, tortured and murdered his former girlfriend. Double jeopardy prevented a new trial, though, and Ignatow only got put away for less than a decade for perjury.
mignatow.jpgThe most telling evidence against Ignatow came in the form of photos, made by his girlfriend at the time of the murder, Mary Ann Shore. Though Ignatow’s face never showed, marks and moles on his body were a perfect match for the male seen brutalizing Schaefer in the photographs.
These photos showed Brenda Sue Schaefer bound to a glass coffee table.
Mel Ignatow’s fate must have seemed appropriate, even to him. He fell on a glass coffee table.
When he fell, Ignatow apparently cut his arm and hit his head. Evidence suggests he roamed his apartment for a bit before he succumbed to his injuries.
The man who remorselessly degraded and murdered a woman to whom he’d once been engaged died slowly, alone in his apartment.
He made no attempts to call for help.
Maybe he saw the irony and the justice just as clearly as the rest of us. [Louisville Courier-Journal]