Finding Rebekah Butterfield


genericrimescenephoto.jpgRebekah Butterfield, age 22, disappeared nearly a year ago. Butterfield’s mother, who lives on the East Coast, filed a missing person’s report with the Riverside County Sheriff in June of this year.
In September, Clarence Butterfield, age 55, was pulled over by police in Dana Point, CA. Clarence Butterfield is Rebekah’s father.
Clarence Butterfield was arrested on an outstanding warrant for resisting arrest and otherwise “interfering” with a law enforcement officer. Butterfield was returned to Las Vegas, where he is currently in detention.
Come October 1st, cops in Dana Point were made aware of a motor home on private property near Capistrano Beach. The motor home was towed to San Clemente.
On Tuesday this week, someone at the AC Tow towing yard in San Clemente decided to take a look inside Butterfield’s motor home.
They smelled something bad. And eventually they found a decomposing corpse, wrapped in plastic, inside a freezer.
Police haven’t said that the body is the remains of Rebekah Butterfield.
Police are currently trying to find out what Clarence Butterfield knows about the body.
Investigators are pretty sure the body is that of Clarence’s daughter Rebekah. But the coroner in Orange County, CA could not determine cause of death for the woman in the freezer.
Still, Clarence Butterfield can add “homicide suspect” to his [alleged]criminal resume. [, LAT]