The Last Post in this Blog About Ashley Todd, Because She Disgusts Me


News segment including Ashley Todd’s perp walk.
Every web address I posted for confessed race-baiting liar Ashley Todd was accurate. That’s really the main purpose of this post — just to say that. The other purpose of this post? Getting a perp walk video up. The word “schadenfreude” does apply.
If you want confirmation from another source about some of what you read in other True Crime Report entries about B-girl Ashley Todd, look no further than this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Michael A. Fuoco, Jerome L. Sherman and Sadie Gurman.
I won’t quote ad nauseam from the piece (I hate doing that, anyway), but I will point out what I gleaned from it.
For one thing, Ashley Todd doesn’t feel responsible for what she did, and she blames the media. My personal opinion of her, based on this, is not that she is mentally ill, in the sense that I understand that word — it is that she is a sociopathic attention seeker. She feels no remorse for her lie because she doesn’t have much of a conscience. I predict, too, that Ms. Todd will show up again in the news in the future. It may be years, but we’ll hear from her again — and it will be under similar circumstances.
Also, there was no way to really predict what happened, but Ms. Todd was telegraphing that she might just do something royally fucked-up for years. The Post-Gazette reporters caught a detail of Todd’s MySpace that I missed, even though I was the first to post that information. Quote:
“On her MySpace profile, where her screen name is ‘Italian Pajamas,’ Ms. Todd gives her occupation as ‘Being a badass.’ Next to her picture, she references the title of a song by the group Panic at the Disco: ‘Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her cloths (sic) off,’ but adds to it ‘but its (sic) better if you do.’
“Among the books she lists as favorites: ‘The Scarlet Letter.'”
Put that together with the observation I made about a particular statement made in Todd’s blog here, and you have a lot of foreshadowing for Ashley’s big, racist adventure in Pittsburgh.
Now, if this were a political blog (and by the way, I don’t mean I’m apolitical personally — I’m not — I just mean that covering politics here would be off-topic and therefore pointless, unless you consider all politicians criminals-in-waiting, but I digress), I’d explore why the hell some folks running the McCain campaign in Pennsylvania actively directed reporters towards this story. I’d ask if perhaps the McCain campaign might have initially seen another opportunity for a “Joe the Plumber” type of narrative. But the national Republican campaign seemed to wise up to what was really going on pretty fast, and they left this the hell alone. If any onus is on the McCain campaign at all, it’s on the Pennsylvania branch. If Ashley Todd had been properly vetted, this would have been discovered: “In March, Ms. Todd was asked to leave a grass-roots group of Ron Paul supporters in Brazos County, Texas […] Ms. Todd posed as a supporter of former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and called the local Republican committee seeking information about its campaign strategies.”
Should Ashley Todd be pitied? Maybe a little. But I don’t believe there’s any “help” for someone like her. To her, it’s all gamesmanship. That approach to life is akin to an addiction, and time in a mental health facility or on antidepressants won’t cure it.
Like I said: we’ll be hearing from or about her again.