Is Terry Shepherd A Serial Killer?


tshepherd.jpgAuthorities in Hardin County, Ohio may have a serial killer in custody. Terry Shepherd, age 40, has only been out of prison since December of 2007, but in that time, three women have met mysterious, deadly fates.
Claradell Keller, age 78, was murdered in her home on September 27. Her remains were found among the ashes of her burned-out residence. Keller’s car was found burning in a cornfield not far from her address.
Then on October 12, Judy Kearley and Deb England vanished. They left the home where they lived in Kenton Ohio at half past 8 on the 12th. They were reported missing the following day.
The day Kearley and England disappeared, a remote, abandoned house burned down in rural Hardin County. Investigators found the bones of a woman in the rubble. Those remains have not been identified.
As locals searched for England and Kearley, the truck in which the women were riding the night they disappeared was found behind the home of Terry Shepherd’s brother. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Shepherd is a convicted rapist who served more than 20 years in prison. He is now in jail for violating parole.
The Upper Sandusky Daily Chief-Union reports that Shepherd is “a suspect in the deaths of not only Debra England, 52, and Judy Kearley, 56, but also of in the death of Claradell Keller.”
According to the same publication, authorities in Hardin and Wyandot Counties “are convinced the person in custody at the jail is the individual responsible” for the three deaths.
Col. Ken Hilty from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office says that Shepherd will face charges connected to the murders “in the near future.”
Someone who described victim Claradell Keller as a friend of the family wrote about Keller’s murder here — the blogger states that the elderly victim was shot, as well.
This is suspect Terry Shepherd’s Ohio Sex Offender Registry page: #A489065.
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