UPDATED – Seeking Caroline Stitcher: Illinois Teen’s Disappearance Galvanizes Twitter Users


Caroline Stitcher. Photos from Deerfield Police handout.


The Twitter reports have been confirmed by ChicagoBreakingNews.com.


Based on news mostly being spread via Twitter, Caroline Stitcher has been found alive. This quote is from a tweet by Adam Cohen, made around 10:30 p.m. ET tonight: “Caroline has been found alive, with family heading to hospital – direct from godparents Please RT!”

You know, it isn’t hyperbole to remark on the way breaking news can spread via Twitter – it’s remarkable how an event can be known to thousands of Twitter users an hour before the first news article hits Google News or the development is broadcast on TV. However, there’s a caveat – much of the time the details are wrong – it’s like a massive game of telephone. In this case, the basic fact is that the missing girl is alive is enough. I think most of us will take it.

If it turns out that Caroline was the victim of a crime, this post may be removed from this blog.


Thanks to Mary for posting this link in the comments. Caroline Stitcher’s father Kurt was interviewed for the article linked. He says they do not believe Caroline “went somewhere willingly.” According to Stitcher, police are also “doing everything they can.”

You can see the PDF from the Deerfield Police about Caroline Stitcher’s disappearance here.

Original Post

The last time anyone saw 17-year-old Caroline E. Stitcher she was leaving Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois around 3:15 p.m. on Friday. Police say the Highland Park teen was clad in a red sweatshirt and red shorts. Under her shorts Caroline wore black jogging tights and running shoes.

Caroline Stitcher is a committed runner and has participated in track at Deerfield High. She was headed out for a run when she disappeared.

Attempts have been made to use dogs and a helicopter to search for the 5’3″, blond teen, but the weather has been an obstacle, so far.

Caroline’s disappearance has already made it into the Twitterverse, being publicized by no less than actor, blogger and author Wil Wheaton, who has in excess of 120,000 followers. As of 8:45 p.m. ET on Saturday night, the missing girl’s name was the topmost trending topic on the micro-blogging service.

If you have information pertaining to the disappearance of Caroline E. Stitcher, contact the police at one of the following numbers: (847) 945-8636 (Deerfield PD) or (847) 432-7730, for the Highland Park PD.

An additional link – Caroline Stitcher, using the screen name Mediagirl92, posted this well-made video report about exercise online in April, 2008. The video is narrated by the missing teen.

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