The Saga of Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann


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An 18-year-old Pinellas Park, Florida girl is dead tonight and a 19-year-old is in jail, charged

Rachel Wade/MySpace

with homicide. Police in Pinellas Park say the long-standing dispute that allegedly led Rachel Wade to stab Sarah Ludemann was over a guy.

There are reports (and supporting evidence on the Internet) that the girls had been arguing via cell phone and text messages over a young man named Joshua Camacho for nearly a year.

So, just after midnight on Wednesday, Sarah Ludemann went to thehouse where Rachel Wade was living with a friend. Wade approached Ludemann’s vehicle and the girls began to fight. That was when Wade, armed with a kitchen knife, allegedly stabbed Ludemann in the upper body.

Ludemann died around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. The alleged murder weapon was found on a rooftop near the scene.

Rachel Wade was “Independent Chick” on MySpace.

This is from Wade’s “About Me” on the social networking site:

The Names “Rachel” i’m a pretty simple girl with the occasional complicated thought. it really doesn’t take much to make me smile. i’ve heard that i come off as a bitch or intimidating, but trust me, the moment you start to get to know me, you’ll realize it’s a total misconception. i really wish that my laziness wouldn’t get the best of me, but it’s something i’m still trying to fight through. i’ve just recently noticed that i’m a hopeless romantic and that i would love to have someone like in the chick flicks. a surefire way to win me over is to buy me chinese food, redbull, or starbucks. i like to have a good time, and if it just happens to include a pocket full of money and alcohol, don’t be surprised if i take advantage of it, hahah. i love my life and everyone in it. with that said, i’m always down to meet new people, so be my friend, i swear i’m nice most of the time :) so go ahead and say hiiiyeee to me! anything else? you can find out for yourself! 😉

On June 17, 2008, Wade posted an entry in her MySpace blog titled “Over You.” The blog post read, in part:

You called me names, you slept around, you hit me and everytime you said “Im sorry, I’ll never do it again”! You lied and lied and lied and well it just got old and finally I looked at reality and well reality said I deserve so much better! Your a boy I need a man! Sorry but you just dont have anything to offer me, you are irresposible, unreliable, unstable, immature, and to be honest your nothing special to look at. And most importantly you dont have the love and affection or the respect for me that I want! And since I left you I see that there are plenty of other guys who will offer me atleast 90% of all that! So sorry buddy but you can take your bullshit somewhere else!

There was only one comment on the post. It was left on July 8 last year by Sarah Ludemann, who simply wrote: “and you think you found better.”

This kind of situation is funny if it’s played out on Jerry Springer, without knives and guns and blood. Here it’s only senseless, stupid and above all, tragic. There won’t be any mindless feel-good babble or preposterous moralizing from a Jerry at the end, either. There will still be one dead girl and another girl quite possibly locked away for the rest of her life. Two young girls who lost their lives over a boy, who according to at least one report, was playing them both at the same time, anyway.

in a Teen Love Triangle Heads to Trial.

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