Village Voice: Yeah, About Those Planned “Terror Attacks” in NYC


UPI “man on the street” report about the NY terrorism plot.

The Village Voice has raised some questions about FBI Agent Robert Fuller, who is front and center in the investigation into four black muslims arrested yesterday in New York, charged with planning attacks on some New York synagogues. From the Voice’s “Runnin’ Scared,” a post by Graham Rayman: “Special Agent Robert Fuller, whose name appears at the top of the federal criminal complaint in the case, had a hand in the FBI’s failure to nab two of the 9/11 hijackers, had one of his informants set himself on fire in front of the White House, and was involved in misidentifying a Canadian man as a terrorist leading to his secret arrest and torture — a case that is now the subject of a major lawsuit…” Rayman goes onto explore Fuller’s experience with apprehending terrorists since 9/11, and the end result is this – you start wondering if this newest development in the War on Terror is as dramatic as it seems.