South Florida Serial Pet Killer May Have Been Captured: Tyler Weinman, age 18


Tyler Weinman/MySpace

The Ted Bundy to felines in the Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay neighborhoods around Miami, FL may have been arrested. The Miami-Dade States Attorney told local media that Tyler Weinman, age 18, was arrested Sunday and charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty and 19 counts of improperly disposing of an animal body. The cherry on top of Weinman’s crap Sunday was 4 counts of burglary.

Investigators have been looking for the psycho who killed nearly 30 cats in Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay for the past month or so. The killer wasn’t just content with slaying the animals he caught – he sometimes used a sharp instrument to flay them as well, doing odd things such as removing the cat’s fur.

There was a reward out for the killer in Palmetto Bay, but it’s too early to tell if a friend may have ratted Weinman out to the cops for the money.

Tyler Weinman/MySpace

Just as you’d expect, Tyler Weinman had a MySpace page or two. One was for music, but he’d not used it much. The other was his personal profile and he hadn’t signed in since May. It’d be nice to tell you either page portrayed a raving psycho in the making, but that’s not the case. Photos and comments gave the impression he thought he was a self-conscious clown, but you could probably say that about a million teenage boys.

That’s what so scary, if the police are right about Tyler Weinman. He may have seemed like a pretty normal kid.

Based on some comments I read on the AP article linked at the beginning of this post, it seems like some folks don’t get why the terror caused by these cat killings and mutilations was serious.

The cat killings indicated someone without a conscience and possessed of a bloodlust was at work in those South Florida neighborhoods. It’s a psychological truism: anyone who can kill a pet without compunction is a good candidate to move on to humans, eventually. Behavioral profiling long ago identified three key, aberrant behaviors in youth that may predict a serial killer: bedwetting, arson, and cruelty to animals.

I don’t know if Tyler Weinman had the other two, but if he is indeed the guy who went around slicing up the beloved pets of Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay over the last month or more, he is potentially a very dangerous person.

Here’s the rub: if convicted of these crimes, Weinman may not face that much prison time. Animal cruelty is a 3rd degree fine, punishable by a 4-figure fine and at most, 5 years in prison. Burglary charges may, in the end, put him away for a longer period of time.

Just in case someone takes Weinman’s MySpace offline, here’s a link to a copy on