The Murder of Heather Snively: Accused Killer Korena Roberts May Have Met Snively Through Craigslist


Sometimes it’s not that hard to figure out the stories that may top the news tomorrow. This will likely be one of them.

As you can see in the KATU story above, two women met in Tigard, Oregon, possibly through Craigslist (countdown to this being referred to as another “Craigslist murder” begins now). One of the women, 21-year-old Heather Snively, was pregnant. The other, 27-year-old Korena Roberts, was not. But Roberts had been telling people she was.

When all was said and done, the very-preggers Heather was dead and stuffed in a crawlspace beneath Roberts’s kitchen and her male child was dead at the hospital, where Korena Roberts tried to claim the baby as her own. Police have yet to detail how Roberts may have gotten the baby from the younger woman, but it’s a little too easy to read between the lines.

This isn’t the first story of its kind, but we all hope it is the last.

I can believe that the pair may have become acquainted via Craigslist. Heather Megan Snively, using her phone number and her Yahoo account, [email protected], used Craigslist quite a bit. This Google search gives you some idea as to how often she posted items for sale, as well as free giveaways. Most of the postings have expired, but when they were crawled by Google, Heather Snively’s posts showed up on Craigslist pages associated with cities in both Maryland and Oregon.
This appears to be Heather Snively’s Photobucket account. Viewing it knowing her fate is incredibly sad. Some of her most recent photos were of baby clothes.

Other sites have snarked about Korena Roberts’s weight and her utterly insane-looking mugshot, but there’s no snark here. If Roberts is guilty of the crime alleged, she is either utterly insane, or a monster.

You can read more about this appalling crime here: “Father: ‘She was such a trusting girl, that’s why this happened’.”

ETA: This may have been Heather Snively’s last Craigslist ad [PDF], for a “vacuume” cleaner.