40 Years Ago Today: The Manson Murders


An original newscast about the Tate/LaBianca murders.

There honestly isn’t much I can add to the long and extremely well-known saga of the Manson Family and the murders they committed right around this time 40 years ago. Vincent Bugliosi’s and Curt Gentry’s book about the murders, Helter Skelter, is still one of the better true crime books I’ve ever read and perhaps the best accounting of the facts.

A few more links of interest:

* Wikipedia entry on Charles Manson – well-done and thorough, not always the case with Wiki entries.

* Marilyn Bardsley’s Crime Library story about the Manson murders – almost a Reader’s Digest version of the Bugliosi/Gentry book, but a good place to start if you don’t know much about the crimes.

* CharlieManson.com – This site keeps up with any new developments relevant to Manson or the members of his “family” who are still alive, incarcerated or not.

* The Trial of Charles Manson – Excellent resource complete with transcript excerpts and a chronology of events.