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The 58-year-old registered sex offender arrested in connection with the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard is named Phillip Craig Garrido. Garrido, fortunately for those of us who want to see what crazy really looks like, had a blog:


He was also planning to start a website: GodsDesire.net. In case you doubt the blog belongs to Garrido (who gave the GodsDesire URL in the blog), here is the registration address for the owner of GodsDesire.net:

Administrative Contact:

Garrido, Phillip [email protected]
God’s Desire
1554 Walnut Ave
Antioch, California 94509
United States
(925) 754-2687 Fax —

According to court records a search warrant was issued for the address for God’s Desire, 1554 Walnut Avenue in Antioch, CA, on Wednesday. Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been arrested and are being held on $1 million bond.

CNN reports that Garrido has been charged with “kidnapping, rape, lewd behavior, sexual

Phillip Garrido

​penetration and conspiracy.” Nancy Garrido faces charges of “kidnapping and conspiracy.”

Long before Jaycee Dugard disappeared, her alleged kidnapper was an experienced predator.

Public records show that Phillip Garrido was born in Contra Costa, CA on April 5, 1951. Carson City, Nevada records indicate a marriage between Garrido and Christine Perreira in March, 1973. The marriage lasted just 7 years, and the couple’s divorce was final in October, 1980.

It may be remarkable that the union lasted that long, for in 1977, Phillip Garrido was convicted of kidnapping a woman on November 23, 1976. From the Reno Evening Gazette, February 12, 1977:

Garrido was convicted of abducting the woman at a South Lake Tahoe grocery store parking lot then driving her to Reno, where she was kept for several hours in a mini-warehouse.

[Garrido] faces Washoe County charges of possession of a controlled substance, rape and sex perversion.

Garrido was 25 and working as a musician in Reno when he abducted the 25-year-old victim, who was a casino worker. A November 1976 account of the crime in the Nevada State Journal told of Garrido knocking on the window of the victim’s car, claiming his own vehicle was disabled. He asked for a ride.

They had only driven a short distance when the woman said Garrido grabbed her. He slapped on handcuffs and taped her mouth. They drove to Reno and the storage unit where Garrido assaulted her.

It appeared to investigating officers that Garrido had turned the unit into a residence, even though his address was elsewhere in the city. Detectives found a regular 70s-era sexual predator’s bachelor pad – rugs on the floors and walls, porno mags, a projector, “marital aids,” wine, hot water and oddly, a spotlight.

Chillingly, another woman in the area reported after Garrido’s arrest that he had tried to kidnap her before he succeeded with the casino worker.

This 1976 abduction marked Garrido’s first interaction with the FBI, which is also investigating what happened to Jaycee Dugard. The feds became involved because the abduction crossed the NV/CA state line.

Just as I was finishing this post, a reader sent an e-mail regarding this case. The tipster reported that Jaycee Dugard may be the mother of two children.

I’ve linked to Garrido’s crazy blog already, but it is such a marvel of nuttiness that it was worth it to preserve the page. A copy of the blog is embedded at the bottom of this post.

This post may be updated and revised. 


According to reports published via Twitter’s Breaking News Online (the service monitoring a press conference held by El Dorado County authorities), Phillip Garrido fathered Jaycee Dugard’s children. She had the first child at age 14. 

Dugard and her children lived in a “compound” hidden in Garrido’s backyard. They were kept in “complete isolation.” They never saw a physician. They never went to school.

America may have its own Josef Fritzl.  

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