Reality Wannabe Ryan Alexander Jenkins Sought in Connection With Murder of Jasmine Fiore

Jasmine Fiore


A reader noted in a comment on the first post about this case that Ryan Alexander Jenkins and Jasmine Kinkade Fiore were married.

The suspect in Jasmine’s murder has been her husband since March, 2009, according to public records from Clark County, NV. Look it up yourself, marriage certificate #20090318000184380.

TMZ says Jenkins married Fiore shortly after he was booted from Megan Wants a Millionaire.

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As I was updating this post about the mysterious disappearance and murder of model and Playboy rep Jasmine Fiore, a reader posted this link in the comments on the post, to an article about a person of interest in the case. It only gets more Weird Hollywood from here on out I guess, because wouldn’t you know it, the guy police want to talk to in connection with the investigation into Jasmine Fiore’s murder is a Canadian named Ryan Alexander Jenkins. And Jenkins is a contestant on Megan Wants a Millionaire – a VH 1 reality show.

Jenkins’s profile on VH 1’s site describes him as an investment banker from Calgary who “Says he has left many amazing women in his life primarily because he wanted more women,” and “States the only time he cheated on his ex was when he wanted to break up with her.” Jenkins also claims that he “molds ‘player girls’ into ‘princesses’.”

The quotes from random surfers on Jenkins’s profile already acknowledge his status as a wanted man – “Amazing! A murderers profile still up! Nice guy! Im sure Megan really wants him now!” and “Seriously, this man is being sought for a person of interest in a murder case? WOW…”

VH 1 site for Megan Wants a Millionaire

​According to KTLA TV, Jenkins was friends with Fiore.

Police believe he may be trying to get back to Canada. From the TV station’s website:

Ryan Jenkins/MySpace

​Jenkins may be driving a BMW X5 with Canadian plates HLY275 or Fiore’s missing car, a white 2007 Mercedes CL S550 with black rims, tinted windows and paper plates that read “Platinum Motors…”

The same article states that Jasmine Fiore may have been strangled before she was stuffed in a suitcase and tossed into a trash bin sometime between last Friday night and early Saturday.


* Ryan Jenkins’s Linkedin Profile

* Jenkins’s Real Estate Site

* A defunct MySpace profile, user name “flyrboy.”

* Jenkins’s profile with VH1, which has been removed from the actual website. [Not much to see.]

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