Ex-Preacher Brian Lee Randone Charged with Killing Porn Star Felicia Tang


Felicia Lee appeared in such movies as “Hotel Decadence”

UPDATE: Brian Randone pleads not guilty, but autopsy photos show Felicia was badly beaten. See update after the jump…

Felicia Lee — who went by the stage name Felicia Tang — worked on the fringes of Hollywood as a minor actress, soft porn star and rent-a-beauty. She appeared in mainstream movies like “Rush Hour 2” and “The Fast And The Furious,” in addition to Playboy TV and porn films like “Asian Fever” and “Hotel Decadance.” She also modeled for calendars.

Now she’s dead at age 31. Police say her live-in boyfriend, Brian Lee Randone, beat and suffocated her at the apartment they shared. Randone, an ex-preacher who hold a master’s in divinity and appeared in 2000 on the reality show “The Sexiest Bachelor in America,” has been charged with murder and torture.

Witnesses say the couple was involved in a domestic dispute before the slaying, though police in Monrovia, California have released few details so far. Why a presumed man of God killed a porn star remains to be seen, but he appears to have been someone with a fondness for beautiful women…

Brian Randone, charged with torture and murder

​Randone grew up in Omaha and attended Bible school in Chicago. He gives the impression of a man about town on his MySpace page, presenting himself as something of a ladies’ man. Among his MySpace friends are more than a dozen women of model caliber.

Her describes himself as single, into boxing, ultimate fighting, and Nebraska football. He also casts himself as a Bible-reader and a salesman for Verizon with an income of more than $250,000.

Here’s what he had to say about himself in his MySpace introduction:

“I love life. I work harder. I have a ton of energy and I love to have fun and I like being responsible with what I have and what I do. I like to travel and dont mind going places alone and I
get along with guys and girls equally well and enjoy people in general.

“I am an extrovert and being in public energizes me, I hope to marry someday and plan to retire in 10 yrs from now I am the worst speller and dislike typing and sending emails but often need to for work and pleasure I would much rather talk on the phone or better yet in person.
I do have a college education and a masters degree.

“I normally wake up early and work out and stay up late on the weekends sometimes all night. I go to sleep between 9 and 12 on the week days. I exersise 4 to 5 times a week. I like all music including country and house and I love to dance as well. I like Vegas too and am happy living in California. I have traveled to 19 different countries and many countries more then once and have to been to every state in America except Alaska.

“I am happy if I am making alot of money,I am happy if I make a little money
and I have been both rich and poor,but have always strived to live with in my means so I have always felt as if I was rich!

“I have great parents who have been married 46 years and they love to go out have fun and have great personalities. I grew up in Nebraska and am a conhusker fan that is the Nebraska football team in case you were not aware. Thats enough about me lets hear about you and please forgive all typing, grammer, spelling, errors I am actually smart I just never got hooked on phonics. -Brian

When asked who he’d like to meet, his response was “Fun, Nice, Positive, Sexy People.” He never mentions anything about killing them.

UPDATE I: Brian Lee Randone called 911 to say his girlfriend wasn’t breathing, but that wasn’t consistent with evidence police found when they arrived at his apartment.

After being beaten and choked, Felicia Tang was slowly left to die

​They say Felicia had been beaten and choked, then left to die slowly, which is why torture charges have been added to the complaint against Randone. He’s now in jail with bail set at $2 million.

The couple apparently met four months before her murder at a swimming pool of a Vegas casino. They later moved in together, but we still don’t know what led to the final confrontation.

It seems odd considering Randone’s background as a trained minister, and his previous work as a mime to preach the gospel. (We can’t figure that out either.)

But we do know that Tang-Lee was born in Singapore and attended school in Australia. She also studied marketing and business administration in Los Angeles.

UPDATE II: A judge won’t release Felicia Tang’s autopsy photos, but calls her injuries “gruesome.”

Judge Terry Smerling sealed the photos during the arraignment of Brian Randone, who has pleaded not guilty. But a prosecutor said there were “innumerable” injuries to Felicia’s body caused by an unknown weapon. They now believe the model and actress — who once appeared in a pay-per-view strip poker game — was suffocated against a hard surface.