Mother Thuy Le Confesses to Stabbing Two Young Daughters


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Mother Thuy Le was strangely calm during her 911 call

​Toan Pham says his cousin had been acting strangely before she asked to have a sleepover at his house with her two young daughters. The house was crowded with other guests and Pham’s three children. So his cousin, Thuy Le, slept in the living room with her two daughters, ages 5 and 3.

At 6 a.m., Pham’s two youngest children awoke to screams. They went downstairs to find the living room covered in blood. That’s where Pham and his wife discovered Thuy holding her five-year-old wrapped in a sheet. The girl had been stabbed in the chest. Blood was everywhere. The couple then found Thuy’s other daughter in another room, slashed across the chest. Thuy had slashed herself as well.

Thuy called 911 in Westminster, California to quietly report the attacks. “I just stabbed my daughters and myself.” The dispatcher found her weirdly soft-spoken and calm…

“You stabbed them with a knife?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yes,” Le replied. “And myself. They’re all bloody… Are you coming or what?” (Listen to audio of the 911 tapes above.)

Though all three are expected to live, the 5-year-old had to be put into a medically-induced coma. Mom and the youngest girl suffered only flesh wounds. But why it all happened remains unknown.

Police are focusing on three fronts: a failed attempt to sell her massage therapy business, possible marital trouble or basic mental issues. Cousin Pham says Thuy had been acting out of the ordinary as of late. She requested the sleep over even though his home is packed with other people. She’d also asked for his recommendation on a good Buddhist temple. She wasn’t religious, but she wanted monks to pray for her. She tended to cry if relatives asked if anything was wrong.
“My cousin is in a lot of problems,” Pham told the Orange County Register.