Scott Pattison Indicted for Killing Wife Lisa With Barbell


Scott Pattison indicted for murdering his wife with a barbell

​Scott Pattison claims he arrived at his LaFontaine, Indiana home on July 2 to find his wife in their basement exercise room. She’d apparently been doing bench presses when the bar either fell or slipped and landed on her neck.

Pattison says he began CPR and called paramedics. Then he loaded Lisa Pattison into his car and rushed to a hospital in Marion, Indiana. An ambulance intercepted him along the way and took Lisa to Marion General, but she did not survive.

A coroner revealed Lisa had died from “asphyxia due to neck compression,” meaning the barbell essentially crushed her throat. The coroner also deemed it homicide, though hasn’t said what evidence caused him to come to that ruling. But that information was given to a grand jury, which today indicted Scott for killing his wife…

Lisa Pattison’s neck was crushed by a weight-lifting bar

​He came under immediate suspicion after his wife’s death. Six months before, police had been called to the couple’s home on a domestic complaint, though they say the incident involved shouting and wasn’t physically violent.

In March, Scott filed for divorce from Lisa, who worked as the marketing and sales manager at the nearby Five Points Mall, and apparently was a well-known businesswoman in the area. The couple was still living together, however, and have at least one son.

Yet arguments and divorce petitions do not a murderer make. So far, police have been very tight-lipped on revealing what evidence they have tying Scott to the murder. But it’s apparently enough to convince a grand jury.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops…