Former Sheriff’s Volunteer Bruce Tuck Arrested in ‘Pot Bellied Rapist’ Case


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Bruce Tuck

​His latest assault was his most overt yet. A young woman and her parents were moving into a house near the University of Tennessee-Martin, preparing for another year of school. But “The Pot Bellied Rapist” was hiding inside. Police say the masked men ordered them into a room, tied up the parents, then raped the student.

It was the fifth time the serial rapist struck — three times in Martin, and twice in nearby Memphis. University police  warned students and stepped up patrols. But their anxieties may be over. Police have arrested Bruce Tuck, a former sheriff’s department volunteer.

The first attack came when a woman was raped in her apartment. The second in July with another apartment rape. The third and fourth came August 5, when Pot Belly attacked a women in her apartment, but fled when her child began to scream. He raped another woman in her apartment later that day. The final attack was last Sunday. But according to Eyewitness News in Memphis, Tuck had an impressive history as a creep…

Tuck was banned from the University of Memphis two years ago for stalking a band member. They’d met at a bowl game, where Tuck claimed he was a freelance photographer and wormed his way onto the band bus. After they returned to Memphis, he continued to call and email her.

also say he went perv on a male Rhodes College student. The kid answered an ad for student models, meeting Tuck at a hotel. That’s when Tuck suggested they engage in a little oral sex.