This Guy’s Gotta Die: Michael King, Killer of Denise Amber Lee


Michael King raped and murdered a police detective’s daughter

​In last week’s episode of This Guy’s Gotta Die, we introduced you to uber-creep Michael Jacques, convicted of raping a 9-year-old, then raping and killing his own niece. We turn today to an equally large piece of shit by the name of Michael King.

He’s been convicted of the 2008 Florida case of Denise Amber Lee, a wife, mother of two young boys, and the daughter of a police detective. A jury convicted King of abducting Denise from her home, then taking her to his house, where he raped her and shot her in the head. She was buried in a ditch.

During the trial, jurors heard recordings of Denise’s 911 calls made in the midst of the abduction. She was heard pleading with King: “I’m sorry. I just want to see my family. … I just want
to see my family again. Please. … Oh, please, I just want to see my
family again. Let me go…”

Jurors heard Denise Lee’s frantic 911 calls during her kidnapping

​She later managed to say, “My
name is Denise. I’m married to a beautiful husband, and I just want to
see my kids again. … Please, God, please protect me.”

Denise was seen by witnesses banging on the windows of King’s Camaro and screaming for them to “call the cops.” Several witnesses called 911, but police couldn’t find her in time.

A ring her husband had given her was found in King’s car, and hair matching hers was found on duct tape in King’s house.

A Sarasota jury has recommended that King get the death penalty. We agree. True Crime’s verdict: This guy’s gotta die.