Video of the Day: Woman Sues Greentree Mortgage for Harassing Her Husband to Death


It wasn’t Stanley McLeod’s fault that he couldn’t pay the mortage. He was a working man, but a heart attack forced him to quit his job at Sears. So he began falling behind on his payments. And that’s when Greentree Mortgage — henceforth known has “Satan” — began to bomb him with harassing calls…

Now it would be one thing if Stanley was a deadbeat. But it’s another to harass an aged man who can’t work due to heart problems. Yet according to his wife Diane, Greentree would call up to 10 times a day. Collectors even mocked the life-flight helicopter he took to the hospital after his heart attack.
Diane says her husband grew anxious and red-faced every time Greentree called. She’s now suing the mortgage company,alleging that it basically harassed her husband to death. And if you hear the phone calls in the video above, we’re guessing a jury will find it a very compelling case.
Moral of the story: If you see someone from Greentree, either run the other way. Or drive a cross through his heart.