7-Year-Old Somer Thompson Missing in Grove Park, Florida


Three people tried to lure another 5-year-old into a car only days before Somer vanished

UPDATE: See Jarred Harrell Named Person of Interest in Somer Thompson’s Murder.

Second-grader Somer Thompson was walking home from Grove Park Elementary School Monday with her twin brother and her 10-year-old sister. She reportedly got into a fight with another kid, so she decided to run home ahead of them.

But when the two other kids arrived at their Orange Park, Florida home, Somer wasn’t there. And she hasn’t been seen since. Police are worried that her disappearance may be the work of pedophiles. On October 10, three people tried to lure a 5-year-old girl into a car in the same area…

Detectives are in the process
of interviewing 57 sex offenders who live within a three-mile radius,
searching homes and property. Today they expanded the search to another
30 more perverts in a 5-mile radius. They say they’re not focusing on
sex offenders exclusively, but given the attempted abduction on October
10, it seems an imperative first step.

More than 100 Clay
County deputies were using dogs and helicopters to search the wooded
and swampy area where Somer was last seen. She is 3-foot-5, weighs 65
pounds, has brown hair and was last wearing a cranberry colored
jumpsuit with pink stripes.

Shannon Pollett, left, stopped her car after seeing a girl crying on the street. Three people attempted to lure the daughter of April Boothroyd, right, into their car.

UPDATE: Ten days before Somer went missing, three people in a blue Nissan attempted to kidnap a 5-year-old girl just a block away from where Somer was last seen.

The girl was riding her bike when three people — one woman, two men, all Hispanic — tried to lure her into a blue Nissan Sentra. The girl screamed and rode off and the car sped away.

Shannon Pollett was driving nearby and stopped to see if the girl was okay. Then she followed the child home to let mom April Boothroyd know about the incident.

Police are looking for a blue Nissan Sentra like this one for a previous abduction attempt

​“My daughter said no and started
crying and fell off her bike,” Boothroyd told News 4 in Jacksonville.

“My first question to the little girl
was, ‘Do you know these people?'” Pollett said. “She said no. My second
question was, ‘What did they say to you?’ And she said they said to get
in the car. It was at that point I realized something wasn’t right, and
when I turned around to look for the car it was gone.”

Police have no idea if the incident’s connected to Somer’s disappearance, but they’re in the process of interviewing more than 90 sex offenders in the area.

UPDATE II: It doesn’t look like this case is going to end well. It appears Somer’s body has been found in a Georgia landfill.

It’s “not conclusive that this is Somer, but all indications sort of point in that direction,” says Florida Governor Charlie Crist tonight.

Police found the body of a young white girl in a Flokston,
Georgian dump, where garbage from Orange Park, Florida is dumped. The Clay County sheriff’s office looked at the garbage routes as a matter of routine. Though the body has yet to be identified, it sadly seems that all signs point to Somer. 

Police have now positively identified the girl found in the landfill as Somer

UPDATE III: Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler has told Somer’s mother to prepare for the worst.

Somer’s body has been tentatively
identified by clothing and a birthmark. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

The dump is 48 miles from the Jacksonville suburb where Somer vanished. Police say they’ve already questioned 70 registered sex
offenders in the area, but now say there are 161 living in just a five-mile radius of where Somer was last seen, leaving loads of possible suspects.

The sheriff won’t say what evidence — if any — police already have, or whether they believe more than one person was in on the abduction. 

UPDATE IV: Police have ruled out area sex offenders as suspects in the murder.

They say they’ve interviewed every registered sex offender in a 5-mile radius, and none oare considered suspects in the case. This isn’t to say Somer couldn’t have been killed by a pervert. The person or persons could be previously uncaught degenerates, or perhaps an offender who moved into the area without registering with police, which isn’t uncommon.

But for now, it looks as if the local list of perverts hasn’t produced any leads.