All-American Gymnast Melanie Sinclair Arrested in Gun Ring


Melanie Sinclair: Great at gymnastics, but sucks at picking boyfriends

Bud Leonard Williams is not a nice man. Or a good criminal, for that matter. Last year, he was released from prison after doing two years on robbery and burglary convictions. But he does appear to have something that attracts the ladies. He managed to snag for a girlfriend Melanie Sinclair, the beautiful All-American gymnast at the University of Florida.

As police tell it, Williams didn’t go straight after being released from the joint. He promptly embarked on a series of burglaries, specializing in the stealing and selling of guns. And he seems to have used Sinclair’s apartment as his stash house…

She was overheard on a police tape talking about the gun ring

​Earlier this month, he was arrested for carrying a loaded shotgun
through her apartment complex, which is something of a no-no for a
convicted felon. When police searched Sinclair’s apartment, they found
a safe and nine guns, as well as other stolen merchandise.

was not originally scheduled to be pinched. But then police taped a
conversation in which Williams was heard telling her to deny any
knowledge of the gun theft ring. Oooops!

Despite being named to
numerous All-American teams — and thrice scoring perfect 10s on the
uneven bars — Sinclair will not be appearing in the Olympics — or on
a Wheaties box — anytime soon.