Convenience Store Clerks Throw Bag of Money at Guy Who Wasn’t Actually a Robber


Attention Clerks: Anyone looking like this is generally too drunk to rob you

​Forgive the fine clerks at Five Star Snacks in Waterloo, Iowa for being a little jumpy. The placed was robbed in August. Then, in September, workers saw three men approaching the store with a shotgun, but they managed to lock the door before the bad guys could enter.

So when a drunk Tory Bradford showed up the other night, they were a tad on the jittery side. Bradford had been in and out of the store all night when he showed up again at 9 p.m. He was hammered and ranting when he mentioned some recent robberies in the area. The clerks assumed Bradford was yet another take-down guy, so they threw a bag of money at him.

But Bradford was apparently too drunk to appreciate the value of a free bag of money. He left the store without it. Police later found him plastered on a street corner. Detectives ruled that didn’t actually try to rob the store; the jumpy clerks just assumed he did. But Bradford was still pinched for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.