Desere Thornton, Her Two Sons Burned to Death in Teen Jealousy Arson


Desere Thornton’s house was set aflame in the wee hours of the morning

​At 1:30 a.m., residents in Pulaski, Tennessee heard a series of explosions and called 911. By the time the fire department arrived, the double-wide trailer and car of Desere Thornton was burned to the ground. Fueled by a propane tank, there wasn’t much firefighters could do to halt the blaze.

When the flames were finally subdued, detectives discovered the charred bodies of 38-year-old Desere, her 16-year-old son Jerrod, and her 9-year-old son Anthony. They now see the case as arson, started by Jerrod’s classmates, one of whom believed Jerrod was dating his ex-girlfriend…

William Angel Jr. is accused of helping a friend who believed Jerrod was dating his ex-girlfriend

​The day before, Tessia Tibbs was approached at school by Matthew Wood.
Tessia and Jarrod had been dating for two years, but for some reason
Wood thought Jarrod was seeing his ex-girlfriend on the side. Tessia
told him he was wrong. But that apparently didn’t stop Wood of thinking

He and William Angel Jr. are charged with creeping up to the Thornton home
in the early hours of the next morning, setting the house aflame,
presumably with gas or another flammable. Wood, clearly not the
brightest kid at Richland High School, is now in Vanderbilt Hospital,
recovering from burns to his chest, arms and face. Detectives believe
he was torched as he tried to throw accelerant on the blaze.

Angel’s already been charged with three counts of murder. Wood is
expected to face similar charges when he’s released from the hospital.