Eight Murdered Women: A Serial Killer is Loose in Jennings, Louisiana


Eight women have all been murdered in similar fashion. Among the dead, clockwise: Laconia Brown, Whitnei Dubois, Brittney Gary, and Necole Guillory

​Necole Guillory, a 26-year-old mother of four, was the last to die in Jennings, Louisiana. She was found dumped off Interstate 10 in August. The murder brought the death toll to eight women whose nude or partially clothed bodies have been discarded outside this small two of just 10,546 people. Police won’t officially admit they have a serial killer on their hands, but it’s hard to believe otherwise…

The killer seems intimate with Jennings, disposing the bodies so evidence could be killed by alligators and the elements. Clockwise: Loretta Lewis, Kristen Lopez, Ernestine Patterson, and Crystal Zeno

​Loretta Chaisson Lewis, 28, was the first woman to turn up dead in 2005, when a fisherman found her floating in a canal. The body of Ernestine Patterson, 30, was found a month later in a drainage canal.

Kristen Lopez, 21, and Whitnei Dubois, 26 were killed in similar fashion in 2007. Three women — Laconia “Muggy” Brown, 23; Brittney Gary, 17; and Crystal Shay Zeno, 24 — were found in 2008.

The recurring motifs in all eight murders are impossible to ignore. Two of the victims had their throats slashed while the rest where found strangled or suffocated. All were found nude or partially clothed. And all except Guillory were dumped along rural roads, suggesting the killer is intimate with the area, and is hoping the alligators and the elements will destroy evidence.

Moreover, the victims were all drug abusers or in some cases traded drugs for sex, according to Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards.

Edwards is taking heat from the women’s relatives for not caring enough about their plight. In the past, he’s repeatedly mentioned the victims’ “high-risk lifestyle,” leading some to believe his department is unconcerned about a few dead dope addicts. And despite cases that stretch over a four-year period, the coroner has yet to even determine whether the women were sexually assaulted.

But Edwards says he’s thrown everything he has at the case, including calling in state police and the FBI.

Below, see video shot by a private detective hired to examine the case. He was staking out an area of Jennings which all the women were known to frequent, and caught Necole Guillory on camera before her death.