Feds Bust Pagans Biker Gang in Plot to Take Over Eastern U.S.


Pagans’ territory sprawls from Ohio to New York

​Some 50 members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club have been arrested in a plot to intimidate, beat, and murder their way to becoming the premier biker gang on the East Coast. According to the indictment, they’ve been on a campaign to crush smaller clubs or force them into allegiance to take on their rivals the Hells Angels and the Outlaws.

The charges against the gang are a smorgasbord of major felonies, including kidnapping, robbery, extortion,
and conspiracy to commit murder. When rival bikers entered their territory — which sprawls from Ohio to New York — they were “intimidated, threatened, attacked, beat, robbed
and sometimes killed them,” says the indictment.

In one case, Vice President Jesse Moore ordered the kidnapping and assault of a Road Disciples member to pressure the gang into kicking back extortion payments. Moore’s also accused of conspiring with a prison guard to kill and inmate suspected of ratting on the gang…

Moore and Pagans President Bart Barbeito of Myersville, Maryland are further accused of crushing a revolt among Charleston, West Virginia members who wanted to leave the gang. Prosecutors say the dissidents were held at gunpoint while they were interrogated.

This wasn’t the first time the Pagans have been hit with a massive raid. In 2002, 72 members were indicted for racketeering after a violent brawl when they stormed a Hell’s Angels convention on Long Island.