Lowell Fletcher Whacked; Was Bloods Lieutenant with 50-Cent’s Crew


After Tony Yayo (above) was arrested for smacking a 14-year-old kid, Lowell Fletcher took the fall

​The NYPD is investigating the murder of 32-year-old Lowell Fletcher —
aka Lodi Mack — to see if it was a retaliation hit in a New York rap
rivalry. The Bronx man was gunned down only two weeks after being
released from prison. Police believe the slaying may be related to a
2007 assault case, when the reputed Bloods lieutenant took the fall for
rapper Tony Yayo, a member of 50-Cent’s G-Unit.

In that incident,
police say Fletcher and Yayo encountered the 14-year-old son of rival
music producer Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond of Czar Entertainment, who was
wearing a T-shirt from his father’s company. And since these guys are
huge pussies, Fletcher pulled a gun on the kid, while Yayo backhanded
him across the face.

But after Yayo was arrested, Fletcher claimed he hit the kid, and ended up doing two years
for assault and a drug charge. He was ambushed by gunmen two weeks
after making parole in a desolate New York neighborhood…

Police aren’t sure who killed Fletcher or why. A punk who pulls a gun on a 14-year-old kid for wearing the wrong shirt is bound to have a lot of enemies.

“He pled guilty for another guy, for Yayo,” a unnamed cop told the New York Daily News. “And the kid’s father is a pretty big guy in the music industry. So
the case might be connected to him, or to 50 Cent and his boys, to get
the heat off of them.”

But considering the neighborhood where Fletcher was shot, it could be all or none of the above. “On Jerome Avenue, it could be lots of reasons – or no reason.”