Oselio Otero Kills 17-Year-Old Son Over Video Game at Birthday Party


It’s not just bad beer. It can make you do bad things when you drink way, way too much of it.

​40-year-old Oselio Otero was heavily pounding the Bud Lights in Houston with family and friends, celebrating one of his kids’ birthdays. But as drunks tend to do, he decided this would be a good moment to raise hell over a missing video game.

He grabbed a loaded gun and began to argue with his 17-year-old son, Ignacio. The son tried to knock it away, then flee. But as Ignacio ran away, Dad shot him once in the neck, killing him. A dozen friends and family witnessed the murder.

Otero mumbled that he “messed up” as he left the scene. He was found hours later hiding in the closet of a friend’s apartment. Tragically, Ignacio’s girlfriend was pregnant, and he was about to become a father himself.