Serial Killer: Vigilante William Inmon Says He Murdered Undesirables


William Inmon confessed out of the blue

​It’s a staple of bad detective drama. The hero cop arrives in town to investigate the slaying, only to be thwarted by the crooked and/or egotistical sheriff who doesn’t want anyone meddling in his jurisdiction.

But William Inmon thought it was a staple of real life too. So he walked into the office of Springerville, Arizona police Chief Steve West to report that cops from St. Johns, Arizona had arrived with a search warrant for Inmon’s apartment. West, of course, wasn’t particularly upset. But Inmon kept talking.

Over the course of four hours, Inmon revealed more and more about himself. By the time he was done, he’d confessed to the vigilante killings of three people — and his plans to kill more…

William Inmon shows police how he executed Stoney McCarragher

Inmon claims he first shot 72-year-old William “Stoney”
McCarragher in an execution-style slaying at McCarragher’s home in 2007. The older man was known as a crusty old codger around town, a guy who hired teenagers to do odd jobs.

But Inmon says he shot him through a window, then went in to finish him off, after McCarragher made a pass at him.

Joseph Roberts is accused of assisting in the murder of McCarragher and burning and burying Daniel Achten’s body

His next victim was 60-year-old Daniel Achten. Inmon says he shot the Vietnam vet because he killed Inmon’s dog and used drugs. The body was then burned and buried in a shallow grave on Achten’s own property. Joseph Roberts has been charged by police with helping Inmon in the McCarragher slaying and assisting with the disposal of Achten’s body.

Finally, Inmon also confessed to murdering 16-year-old Ricky Flores. Inmon told police that he killed Flores because he wouldn’t get off drugs. But that rationale seems a little suspicious. Flores apparently had a baby with his girlfriend, and the parents of the girl weren’t happy that she was seeing the punk. Father Jeffrey Johnson is charged with soliciting murder in the case.

Inmon further told police that he had plans to kill two more people — one of whom was a drug dealer — and said would have continued killing if he hadn’t been caught. To save himself from the death penalty, he pleaded guilty and cooperated with the investigation.