Sharon Hinojosa Set Fire to Her Home, Burning Two Children to Death


Mom left 4-year-old Anthony Hinojosa in the burning trailer home

​At 3 a.m., according to police, Sharon Hinojosa purposely set fire to her mobile home in Huron Township, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. She grabbed her 1-year-old son, but left her other two children — ages 3 and 4 — behind.

Joe Dickes and another neighbor saw the fire and tried to rescue the kids. But they couldn’t get through the door or the windows; the fire was out of control. “We heard the screams inside,” he told the Associated Press. “There was nothing we could do.”

What shocked him more is that their mother didn’t seem worried that her two kids were burning to death. “Sharon
was running up and down the street. She didn’t care. She said, ‘I couldn’t wake them up.’ Come on, you can throw them out
the door…

Sharon Hinojosa and boyfriend Justin Whisler with the three kids

​Among the dead were daughter Alayna Hinojosa,
3, and son Anthony Hinojosa, 4. Mother Sharon, meanwhile, was
hospitalized for drinking rubbing alcohol, but is expected to recover.

County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged mom, 29, with arson and
murder. And if you read between the lines, it seems Sharon no longer
wanted the two older kids. Worthy asserts she “knowingly left the
children who were not fathered by her boyfriend… This should send
up the spine of every person. I can’t imagine the abject horror of the
last seconds of their young lives.”