Bodies, Fresh Grave Found in Home of Sex Offender Anthony Sowell


It looks like Cleveland has a serial killer on its hands

UPDATE: See How Anthony Sowell Got Away With Being a Serial Killer.

Cleveland police arrived at the home of registered sex offender Anthony E. Sowell with a warrant to search for evidence in a rape reported last month. Earlier this October, neighbors had seen a naked woman climb from a second story window, with Sowell in pursuit, but it’s unknown if this warrant was related to that incident or another.

When cops arrived, Sowell was gone. But they did find two bodies in the attic and a freshly dug grave in the basement. The bodies are so badly decomposed that police can’t tell if they’re men or women, old or young…

A manhunt is now on for Sowell, 50, who previously did 15 years in an
Ohio prison for a 1989 rape. He is 6 feet and weighs 155 pounds, wears glasses and
frequently wears a mustache and occasionally a beard. It seems his job
is collecting scrap and selling it at metal yards.

who neighbors say frequently asked them to party with him, lives in the
home with his aunt and uncle. Police are currently working on a court
order to allow them to dig in the basement. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: The number of bodies found in the Cleveland home has now reached 6.

Anthony Sowell has now been arrested by Cleveland police. No word on where he was arrested, but police spent the night searching the hundreds of abandoned homes in this impoverished section of the city’s East Side.

Meanwhile, it’s a sad scene outside the home of the presumed serial killer. Police initially found three bodies — two in the attic and one in the basement. But after the basement find, police decided to dig further in the dirt floor. The toll now appears to be six, according to unofficial sources.

Relatives stood outside police lines, holding photos of their missing relatives. Kayana Hunt brought along a picture of her missing mother, Nancy Cobb, who disappeared from the neighborhood six months ago without a trace. Police have set up a mobile command center nearby, asking people to bring anything with DNA from their missing loved ones in hopes of finding matches.