Body Found: Was Kate Waring Murdered by Her Friends?


Kate Waring vanished in June after dining with two friends

UPDATE: Police have made another arrest in the murder of Kate. See update after the jump…

After going to the gym, a drug store, and dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with friends, Kate Waring disappeared in the night of June 12. The well-to-do woman from Charleston, South Carolina had drug problems in the past, but this didn’t look like a relapse. Her mom said she’d vanished without her clothes or her daily medicine.

When her father Thomas Waring filed a missing persons report, he said something strange had happened between his daughter and two friends, Ethan Mack and Heather Kamp. She was scared of the pair, but dad didn’t say why.

Now it turns out that Mack and Kamp had dinner with her that night at the steakhouse. Though they claim to have dropped her off later in the evening, the evidence is starting to say otherwise…

Two friends are accused of forging a $4,500 check on Kate’s account three days after she vanished

Last week, Kate’s body was found in a rural area of a gated community on Wadmalaw Island. Police divers also searched water near the home of Mack and Kamp. While a case for murder hasn’t reached their doorstep, they’re not looking good right now.

Police found their story of the night kept changing after Kate disappeared. They also say the pair forged a check on her account for $4,500 three days after Kate went missing.
They’ve since been charged with forgery and obstruction of justice.

It turns out Kamp is familiar with police elsewhere. She was accused of robbery in California and did time for forgery in Indianapolis. She’s also wanted in two other states. Though none of this speaks to murder, it does speak to someone detectives will be taking a very hard look at.

Terry Williams was arrested for lying to the cops during their investigation

UPDATE: Police have made a third arrest in the Kate Waring case.

31-year-old Terry Williams was arrested on charges of
obstruction of justice. The former neighbor of Heather Kamp and Ethan
Mack apparently kept changing his story during police interviews, though they haven’t said how he relates to the case.

Williams’ arrest record dates back to 2004, and spans everything from public intox to strong-arm robbery and resisting arrest.