Brooke Phillips’ Murder Suspect David Allen Tyner Arrested in Arson Slaying of Four


Cathouse star Brooke Phillips and another woman were shot before the home was set aflame

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Allen Tyner, a suspect in the murder-arson case that left four people dead in Oklahoma City, has turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued.
Police believe he may be responsible for the murders of Milagrous Barrerra, Brooke Phillips — who appeared in HBO’s Cathouse series — and two people still unidentified.

Tyner has yet to face official charges, but since Barrerra and Phillips were both pregnant, he’s expected to be hit with six counts of homicide. Both women were shot before the house was set on fire. Because the bodies were so badly burned, police are having a hard time identifying the victims…

David Allen Tyner was reportedly arguing with someone at the home before Cathouse star Brooke Phillips and three others were shot to death

​One man who rented the home, 31-year-old Jose Fernando Fierro, is the
only one to survive the fire. But police aren’t revealing what he’s
told them about a possible motive or a suspect. Detectives, however,
believe that more than one person was involved in the attack.

Phillips appeared in Cathouse, a reality show
about the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada
where she worked as a hooker.

David Allen Tyner is a former Marine who was fighting on the mixed martial arts circuit

UPDATE: Reports indicate all four people were shot to death before the house was set on fire.

According to a police affidavit, Jose Fernando Fierro says David Allen Tyner was arguing with someone at the residence prior to the murders. Four people died of gunshot wounds before the house was set on fire. They include Brooke Phillips, 22; Millie Barrera, 22, Jennifer Lynn Ermey, 25, and Casey M. Barrientos, 32.

Tyner — nickname “Hooligan” — is a member of the Cherokee Nation and a former high school All-American wrestler. That’s a big deal in Oklahoma, where wrestling is akin to basketball in Indiana. He also wrestled at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga before joining the Marines.

Brooke Phillips was shot in the head before the house was set aflame

​In recent years, Tyner has fought on the mixed martial arts regional circuit. He’s 6-1 as a pro, and was scheduled to fight in Kansas City next month.

High school coach Johnny Cook is stunned by the allegations, saying Tyner was a good kid and that his arrest is entirely out of character. “He obviously had a strong work ethic and a strong will to succeed,
being a two-time All-American and a state runner-up,” Cook told the Cherokee Phoenix. “But
he was very kind-hearted, too. If someone was being bullied or picked
on in school, he would take up for that individual. That’s the David I

UPDATE: Police now believe the killings were the result of a drug beef gone bad.

According to some reports, David Allen Tyner worked as a bodyguard for one of the victims,  Casey Barrientos. Why he actually needed a bodyguard is up to speculation at this point. But since drug paraphernalia was found in the house, and Barrientos wore more jewelry than a LA trophy wife, one might assume he was involved in a rather successful dope operation.

David Tyner supposedly worked as a bodyguard for one of the dead prior to the murders

​From the burned out home police confiscated a digital scale, small amounts of marijuana, nearly 100 zip-lock bags and a roll of heat-bags, suggesting someone was moving some weight. Detectives also believe the shooters stole $10,000 in jewelry Barrientos was wearing at the time of the slaying. That includes a a diamond and white-gold cross necklace, matching diamond
and white-gold earrings and a diamond and white-gold bracelet.

Since bullet casings from two guns were found at the scene, detectives are assuming at least two people were involved in the slayings.

Forensics indicate the victims were shot and stabbed before the house was set on fire. Milagrous Barrerra was shot in the back and the head. Brooke Phillips was shot in the head. One of the female victims also had cuts to the face, stomach and neck, though police aren’t saying who.

Phillips, Suspect in Brooke Phillips Multiple Murder Case, Shot by