Carol Thomas Kidnapped, Murdered in Missouri


23-year-old Carol Thomas was found in a burned out car in a farmer’s field

UPDATE: Carol Thomas was murdered because she sold rock salt as dope. See update after the jump…

A former boyfriend said 23-year-old Carol Thomas planned to get a ride to visit him in Kansas City Wednesday night. But according to police, witnesses saw her attacked by at least three people, then stuffed in the trunk of a red Pontiac Grand Am.

When police arrived, Carol was gone. But they did find a stun gun at the scene. Today, they found Carol.

A farmer saw a car leaving a field Wednesday night and called police. A search today turned up a burned out car and a body that apparently matches Carol’s…

But detectives also received a stroke of good luck in the case. A landlord in rural Lawson, Missouri reported seeing suspicious activity. That’s where cops arrested four people — two women and two men — who are believed to be friends of Carol’s.

One reportedly owns a car matching the Grand Am. All are said to be in their 20s, though one of women is being detained as a person of interest and is said to be a
witness in the case.

Jennifer Saling is accused of taking part in the kidnapping and picking up the two men who killed Carol

UPDATE: A suspect confesses that Carol Thomas was murdered because she sold rock salt disguised as dope.

James Reardon, 21; Erik Zimmerman, 29, and Jennifer Saling, 21, have been charged in the kidnapping and murder of Carol. A fourth person originally detained has been released but provided information.

According to Zimmerman’s confession, Carol was murdered because she sold the three $500 worth of rock salt that presumably was supposed to be coke or meth. How these geniuses fell for that in the first place remains unknown. But when they discovered they were duped, they suddenly got very serious about revenge.

Carol seemed to be worried about something the night she disappeared. She was supposed to get a ride to visit her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Sullivan, in Kansas City. “When I talked to her, she said there was something she needed to talk to me about,” Sullivan told Fox4KC. “She couldn’t tell me on the phone.” But she never showed up.

Erik Zimmerman has confessed to the abduction and murder

​Instead, Carol was seen being kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of a car Wednesday evening. But during the abduction, the morons left behind two cell phones and a stun gun. A witness brought them to police.

Zimmerman told the cops that he, Reardon and Saling drove toward Missouri City. At one point they called to have a friend bring them some gas, and Saling drove away with the friend. Zimmerman said that he and Reardon then drove into a farmer’s field as Carol kicked out the back seat and screamed in the trunk.

When they stopped, he claims Reardon pulled Carol from the trunk, shot her twice in the head, then threw her down a hill.

At some point they arranged to have Saling pick them up, and Reardon set the kidnapping car on fire.

Saling is claiming she knows nothing of the incident (See her MySpace page here, where she goes by the name Sexy Jenny and you can even rate her looks on a “Hotameter.”) Reardon has admitted that the dropped cell phones were his, but he claims Carol stole them from him. So far, the three have only been charged with kidnapped, but they’re likely to get lit up with additional charges very soon.