Daughter Dies: Faleh Hassan Almaleki Now Faces Murder in Honor Killing


Noor Faleh Almaleki went into a coma and never recovered

UPDATE: A mysterious fire was started at the Almaleki home this morning. See update after the jump…

Noor Faleh Almaleki, who was ran over by her dad in an attempted honor killing in Arizona last month, is dead. The attack happened October 20 when Faleh Hassan Almaleki ran her and her boyfriend’s mother over with his truck in a state government parking lot.

While the other woman survived, Noor underwent spinal surgery after the attack. She fell into a coma and never recovered, dying at age 20…

Faleh Almaleki was angry that his married daughter was living with her boyfriend

​Faleh was upset that Noor, married in Iraq, moved in with her boyfriend
and his mother when she arrived in America. The two had fought for
years, said her brother. And dad was an Iraqi traditionalist who
insisted his daughter carry on the old ways. The fighting culminated
when he tried to kill her with his Jeep Cherokee.

Faleh fled to
Mexico, then boarded a plane for London. But English officials wouldn’t
let him enter the country, and he was promptly sent back on a plane to
Atlanta, where he was arrested.

He’s already confessed to the crime, say prosecutors. Now, in addition to aggravated assault, he’ll be charged with murder.

UPDATE: A mysterious fire at the Almaleki home this morning.

At 4 a.m., the smoke alarm went off due to flames that ignited somewhere in the garage. At least nine people were forced from the residence as police subdued the blaze before it spread to the rest of the home. Fire investigators don’t know if it was started by accident or error, or whether it was arson. We’ll keep you posted.

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