Missing Persons Frontwoman Dale Bozzio Convicted of Animal Cruelty


Dale Bozzio was a sex symbol in her day…

​Dale Bozzio, frontwoman for the ’80s new wave band Missing Persons, has been convicted of animal cruelty for leaving more than a dozen cats without food or water at her rural New Hampshire cabin.

Cops say two cats died and others starved while they were left to fend for themselves with their litter boxes overflowing. Another 12 cats had to be euthanized. Bozzio blamed it on a caretaker who hadn’t tended to the animals while she was gone for a week, but a judge ruled that the conditions were in place for quite some time.

Bozzio’s lawyer, Dennis O’Connor, tried to blame the incident on the difficult life of a has-been rocker. “An
artist like Dale lives in a different world,” he told the Boston Phoenix. “The little
details of life that some of us, myself included, try to take care of,
those end up on the back burner for artists like Dale…”

…But she’s now just a weird lady from New Hampshire who hoards cats

​He was later disbarred for talking bullshit beneath the American Bar Association’s standards for talking out if your ass.

Bozzio was sentenced to 90 days in May, but she appealed. She’s now in jail and will also have to perform community service.