Paul Patrick Serdula Filmed Himself Raping Women Under Anesthesia at Dental Offices


Paul Patrick Serdula is believed to have raped, sodomized and molested more than 100 women while they were knocked out

​Police were first tipped off to Paul Patrick Serdula, a 47-year-old nurse anesthetist, when a worker at a Marietta, Georgia dental office discovered a small camera hidden in the woman’s bathroom. Someone had cut a hole in the piping insulation, then placed the lens to point to the toilet.

But when police got around to raiding his home, they found he was much more than a garden variety peeping tom. Detectives found hundreds of tapes showing Serdula raping, sodomizing and groping female patients while they were under anesthesia. Since Serdula worked on contract at offices throughout Atlanta, investigators believe the number of victims may run in the hundreds…

How he was able to pull this off without other workers noticing remains
unknown. But police are now faced with finding dozens of victims who
may not even know they were raped. And since he’s held his license since 1997, the attacks could date back more than a decade.

Sedula was apparently a
skilled anesthetist much in demand around the metro area. Because  at
least one of his victims was a minor, he’s been charged with child
molestation, sodomy, and aggravated battery, with a host of additional
charges likely to come.