Rodell Vereen Gets 3 Years for Having Sex With Horse… Again


It was the second time Rodell Vereen was caught having sex with the same elderly horse

​Barbara Kenley, owner of the Lazy B stables in Conway, South Carolina, noticed that her elderly horse Sugar was acting weird, and that things had been moved in her stall. So she set up a surveillance camera to uncloak this mystery.

When she reviewed the tape, she witnessed a man sneaking in to have sex with the horse. So she staked out the barn with a shotgun. That’s when she nabbed 50-year-old Rodell Vereen, arriving for another bestial rendezvous.

This isn’t the first time Kenley’s caught the man. Two years ago, she checked up on her stable on Thanksgiving Day and found Vereen taking a post-coital nap in the hay beside his four-legged lover. At that time, he was charged with “buggery” — yes, that’s what it’s called in South Carolina. He was sentenced to probation and forced to register as a sex offender…

But this time the judge had seen enough. Vereen, who lives down the
street from the stables, was sentenced to three years in the pen, where
he’ll have to be content with partners who have fewer legs, but are at
least less hairy.