Was Wealthy Wife Quinn Gray Kidnapped? Or Was It a Scam Concocted With Her Lover?


Quinn Gray claims she was kidnapped and raped by Albanian loan sharks

UPDATES: Tapes show Quinn Gray suggested blowing her husband’s head off. See update after the jump…

On the evening of September 4, Reid Gray came home to find his wife missing and a ransom note tacked to the front door of their $4 million suburban Jacksonville home. The message: His wife Quinn had been abducted, and he’d need to pony up $50,000 if he wanted her back.

The next morning, Quinn called Reid, asking him to take the money to a drop spot. He wasn’t supposed to inform police. And if he didn’t follow directions, she said, she would be killed.

That same day Quinn and a man later identified as Jasmin Osmanovic checked into the Emerson Inn motel. But according to owner Andy Mohan,
she “didn’t seem distressed. Osmanovic even left the room several times, leaving Quinn unguarded, he told police…

At about noon, Quinn called Reid again, asking him to deliver the money
to a Chick-Fil-A. But within an hour, she called again, saying the
kidnapper had spotted feds and that the drop off had been canceled.

Jasmin Osmanovic had two tapes of himself and Quinn having sex and discussing a fake kidnapping

​Quinn called her mother the following day, asking her to make
the drop at Joe’s Crab Shack at Jacksonville Beach. But college
students picked up the bag instead. Worried that it had something to do
with drug dealers, they called police.

Though how she did it is unknown, Quinn managed to escape the next day. She walked up to a sheriff’s deputy in a parking lot to
say she’d been kidnapped. Her husband, she told the cops, owed
$75,000 to an Albanian loan shark, and she’d been kidnapped by
three of his henchmen. But she refused to take a polygraph.

By the next day she was on the horn to the Sheriff’s Department again, this time
saying she’d been raped and that her previous story had merely been an
attempt to protect her family. Now she said she’d been taken to a
warehouse and sexually assaulted, then later taken to the Emerson Inn. She provided the FBI
with a description of her kidnapper, and a police sketch was released. But when she took a polygraph test, she failed. 

Days later, Quinn called police yet again, this time saying she’d found her
kidnapper’s car near the warehouse where she was held. That’s where
police found auto mechanic Jasmin Osmanovic, who matched the description she’d given
them. But Osmanovic said he wasn’t a  kidnapper; he was Quinn’s lover, and
they’d been having an affair for the past six weeks.

Osmanovic, a Bosnian immigrant, said he’d even been to her home on a number of occasions. During a search of his car and warehouse, police found Quinn’s jewelry, credit cards and checkbook, plus her husband’s

Quinn has a history of alcoholism, but her husband Reid is standing by her

​And this is when the case gets even weirder. A woman claiming to be
Osmanovic’s girlfriend gave detectives a tape she found at her
boyfriend’s home. The audio’s supposedly of Quinn and Osmanovic having
sex and discussing a fake kidnapping. That same day, Osmanovic’s mom
brought in another tape, this one featuring explicit sex — seemingly
consensual — and further discussion of the kidnapping plot.

The next day, policed charged both Quinn and Osmanovic with extortion.

Now Quinn’s lawyers — funded by husband Reid, who’s standing behind her —
say the mother of two isn’t a criminal. She just suffers from a bipolar
disorder she self-medicates away by drinking. This summer, she spent a
month in an alcohol rehab center.

They’re also contesting that the affair was consensual. Though
Osmanovic claims they met many times at her home and his gas station —
claiming she even gave him keys to her house — Quinn’s lawyers say
police haven’t found any phone calls, texts, or emails between them.
The tapes, meanwhile, don’t show a woman enjoying sex with her lover, they assert.
The show an abduction and rape.

Why did Quinn and her lover tape themselves plotting extortion?

​But that may be bluster. They’re also trying to get the seemingly
consensual recordings thrown out of the case, knowing how damning they

UPDATE: Instead of extorting her husband, Quinn is heard on tape suggesting to her lover that they “blow his
head off.” Husband Reid is still standing by her, but even he doesn’t believe her lawyer’s assertion that Quinn is innocent.

On the Today show this morning, Reid says he still believes she was originally kidnapped, but that the evidence against her is pretty damning. He’s sticking by her, however, because he thinks she’s suffering from mental illness.

He says his wife’s grandma and sister are both bipolar, and that he believes Quinn has long tried to suppress her own disease through drinking. But he admits that hearing the tapes indicate his wife was a willing accomplice in the extortion plot.

Tapes Quinn and Jasmin Osmanovic made show them having sex and scheming how they’ll get $50,000 in ransom from her husband. “I
feel that she’s definitely participating,” Reid told Today. “I’m not
sure after four days of being with this person what she believes and
what she doesn’t believe. I agree with you that there are times I just
want to shut it off and be finished with the whole thing.”

Reid admits they both cheated on each other

​At one point, Quinn is heard saying they should just “just blow his
head off” if they can’t get the money. “It’s
probably the most hurtful, devastating words I’ve ever heard,” Reid
lamented. “I think of my children, I think of myself, I think of how
this is going to affect their lives going forward. When I heard that, I
was so shocked. I knew something was wrong.”

He confessed that he and his wife both cheated on each other, but they’d been doing much better since Quinn arrived home from alcohol treatment this summer. Quinn is now undergoing a psych evaluation in Georgia. But there’s a load of mystery remaining in this case.

For example, why would people plotting a kidnapping actually tape their scheming? Was it a sexual thing, where they could enjoy the play-by-play of their escapades afterward? Was Osmanovic setting Quinn up to blackmail her, knowing that wealthy yuppies would pay top dollar to keep him quiet? Or were they just really stupid?