William T. Cole Gets Nose Bitten Off in Home Invasion Robbery


William T. Cole, prior to nose decapitation, decided to rob two men with a small screwdriver

​Take note, aspiring criminals: When you want to do a robbery, make sure you have stealing something valuable in mind, and try to go armed with more than a screwdriver. Those lessons were apparently lost on William T. Cole, and it ended up costing him his nose.

According to police, two men were at home in Tuscumbia, Alabama when Cole walked into the house, went to a back room, grabbed a coat, and started walking out. One resident  confronted him. Though Cole had a knife in his back pocket, he decided to use a small screwdriver as his weapon of choice in this robbery. It didn’t make him very scary…

A struggle ensued. That’s when a second resident woke up and stuck a
knife to Cole’s testicle region. It seems the other resident used this
opportune moment to bite off the tip of Cole’s nose. As one of the men
went to get a shotgun, Cole bolted the scene.

Our robber,
being something of a dope, was already wanted for failure to appear and
bail violations. Police talked to relatives, who convinced him to turn
himself in. He’s now charged with robbery, being the dumbest guy in
Alabama, and masquerading a a self-respecting robber.