William T. Hurley Burned Son With Iron, Then Tried to Cook Him in Oven


William Hurley beat, whipped, burned and threatened to kill his 10-year-old son

​We feel safe in closing the nominations for today’s Biggest Piece of Shit Award. No one’s going to trump William T. Hurley.

According to Minneapolis police, the 23-year-old dad became upset when he found his  10-year-old son in his mother’s bedroom. So he punched the kid. The boy then hid under his bed but Hurley “threatened to kill him if he didn’t come out,” according to a police report.

That got the boy out, but Hurley decided to punish him for these egregious sins of trespassing. He burned him on the arm and leg with an iron, then whipped him with an extension cord, the kid told police…

The boy tried to run out of the apartment but was brought back by his
mother. So this time he hid in the oven from his dad. But Hurley, being
a sadistic little bastard, turned on the oven and cooked the boy out.

Even after cops arrived, dad was unrepentant. He even threatened to beat the kid in front of officers before being retrained.

charged with malicious punishment of a child, but let’s hope
prosecutors load him up with all sorts of incidental charges. Let’s
also hope the boy is removed from the home so he never has to see his
malevolent prick of a father again.