Anna Salinas, Dayana Cordova Carjacked, Murdered Mom So They Could go to Knott’s Berry Farm



​In 2007, California teenagers Anna Alejandra Salinas and Dayana Cordova wanted to go to Knott’s Berry Farm for a Halloween event. So they spotted a Chrysler 300 outside a restaurant and went in to find the owner. 20-year-old Angelina Arias agreed to give them a ride…

Anna Alejandra Salinas and Dayana Cordova decided to kill a woman just so they could take her car to Knott’s Berry Farm

​But the girls — 15 and 16 at the time — decided they’d rather haveher car instead. After Angelina stop to pick up her 9-month-old
daughter, Salinas shot the woman twice in the head. They dumped her bodyby the side of a road, then drove around with the baby for two hoursbefore finally deciding to leave the child on a random doorstep in Lake Elsinore, California.

The baby was discovered two hours later.

Cordova was arrested the next day after being identified from security tape at a liquor store she entered not long before the shooting.
Salinas was caught still driving around in the mom’s car.

But the girls sealed their fate when they were left alone in an interrogation room — with surveillance cameras rolling. In the video they could be seen eating burgers and laughing about the shooting.
“Nobody told her (expletive) ass to give us a ride,” Cordova says.

When they were told that Angelina had died, they first cried, then tried to blame the murder on the woman for giving them a ride.
A California judge, quite naturally, found none of this very funny. Salinas was sentenced to 59 years in prison. Cordova was give life.