Reader: Colton Harris-Moore is the Huck Finn of Boy Criminals



Reader Brandon responds to Colton Harris-Moore, Master Teen Burglar, Has Taken to Joyriding in Airplanes. He finds there’s something to like about a kid who doesn’t steal solely for greed:

Colton Harris-Moore has eluded Washington police despite stealing boats, planes, and doing numerous burglaries

​“I think the reason we’re attracted to this Huck Finn character is that
he is opposing the greed and conformity of our society with storybook
hi-jinks. He’s not stealing to have lots of things, it isn’t a
capitalistic drive. He’s doing what makes him happy.

“I’d argue he’s
more actualized than most people, but who he is doesn’t work too well
with the way civilization seems to work. He lacks developmental tools
and social circumstances that would give him goals that are more