Dr. Earl B. Bradley Turned His Pediatrics Practice into a Child Rape Center



​If you’re a serial child rapist, there’s likely no better cover than operating your own pediatrics practice. According to police, that’s how Dr.
Earl B. Bradley found his victims, raping kids as young as 6-months-old while filming it all with covert cameras…

It seems Bradley was a calculating predator. His exam rooms at BayBees Pediatrics, a solo practice, had Disney themes to make kids comfortable. But the Lewes, Delaware doctor wasn’t exactly interested in the health of his patients.

Police were first alerted earlier this month when a 2-year-old girl told her mom that the doctor had hurt her during a visit. A subsequent investigation found scores of videotapes Bradley kept to chronicle his assaults. And Bradley, it seems, was a particularly vicious creep.

In one video he’s shown raping a 2-year-old with a “violently enraged expression
on his face,” according to police records. A detective described it as
“one of
the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age.”
In another, he’s seen raping a kid who twice tried to run from him.

So far detectives have discovered at least 16 victims dating back to August, with perhaps dozens more unidentified.

During a raid on his office, police found six cameras and seized a computer. They also found cameras, tapes and photos at the doctor’s home.

Bradley now faces some 29 charges involving the rape of nine young girls. Judging by the initial evidence, we can expect those charges to soon expand.