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Father Charles Smith Arrested for Punching Out Another Priest

Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 2:28 pm
When Father Charles Smith punched out Father Paul M. Eversole, it probably wasn't divine inspiration
Father Charles Smith apparently failed to ask that time honored question, "What Would Jesus Do?" before he decided to punch out his boss. But this being the Catholic Church, Makers of the Largest Organized Pedophile Ring The World Has Ever Known (TM), it should be considered a step forward when priests are attacking each other instead of little kids.

The incident occurred a few days before the Day of Thanks at Our Lady of Angels in Woodbridge, Virginia. Father Charles, it seems, wasn't too thankful for his superior, Father Paul M. Eversole. The two got into an argument. That's when Smith decided to punch out the right reverend...

It's all pretty hush-hush, and the incident's only been described under the generic terms of assault. But Smith has been officially charged with unlawful wounding. He's also been booted from the parish.

A spokeswoman for the Arlington diocese says he won't be reassigned until he faces up to his criminal charges and is "legally, mentally, and spiritually ready" go back to tending the flock.

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