Reader: Rev. Jonathan Ayers’ Family Needs a Civil Rights Suit to Get Justice



​Reader “Mikeone” responds to Rev. Jonathan Ayers Shot by Police in Georgia Drug Sting. Now that the officers won’t be prosecuted, he encourages the family to go to federal court, since the county and state courts will do nothing…

Rev. Jonathan Ayers was shot by police who mistakenly thought he was involved in drugs.

​“My best advice to the Ayers family is to do two things, both at the
Federal level, abandon the State Courts you will NOT get justice in
them. Especially any court in Stephens County. I live in Stephens
County and I fully understand that most people here are conservative
and will ALWAYS give the cops the benefit of the doubt.

“I would get my
Attorney to seek a meeting with the US Attorney’s office, and speak
with someone there about a Civil Rights investigation, with the
possibility of Civil Rights Violation Charges against these Cops. I am
sure they will get the FBI involved.

“In this way you REMOVE this idiot
DA and the State Courts from the process. The 2nd thing I would do is
file all the lawsuits needed to get this in the hands of an honest Jury
that can hear from ALL sides, not just a pro cop view.”